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UK made tailgate gas struts with a 2 year warranty

How To Replace Car Tailgate Struts

A quick guide to removing and fitting gas struts

Removing and installing tailgate gas struts on your car is often a quick and simple job which does not require a mechanic. Please call our technical team if you require assistance on 01332 576 850.

Band Type Ball Sockets

How to fit and remove car tailgate gas struts

Slide a flat head screwdriver down the groove along the back of the fitting and under the metal band. Lever the band back and pull on the gas strut to remove it from the car. You do not need to remove the band to do this – just lever it back.

Push the rod end (the thinner part) of your new strut over the ball stud on the car. You will feel it click into place. Repeat with the cylinder end fitting.

If the sockets do not line up with the ball studs then grip the cylinder and rotate it.

Some points to remember

Make a note of where the piston rod end of the strut attaches to the car. It's important to fit your new struts the same way up to keep the oil over the seals and increase the lifespan of the strut.

Replacing car tailgate struts is a two person job - do not remove one strut and rely on the other to hold the tailgate open by itself. Never use pliers or clamp the piston rod in any way.

Pin Type Ball Sockets

If your gas struts have a dome end fitting with a small metal pin -

Unclip the pin from around the base of the fitting and totally remove it from the fitting.

Pull the retaining pin out - it must be fully removed from the ball stud.

Once the pin is removed the gas strut can be pulled off, leaving the ball attached to the vehicle. To fit your new struts remove the pin, push fit them onto the ball stud and replace the pin.