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UK made tailgate gas struts with a 2 year warranty

Frequently Asked Questions

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What oil should be used with this compressor?
What are the overall dimensions?
Can I buy the flexi shaft separately?
What strength N are these set to?
Is it capable of punching holes 4-6mm in stainless steel?
How much would shipping be for 2 sets of gas struts delivered to the USA?
What is the free air CFM rate on the 90L compressor?
Will this power air sanders and ratchets?
Who manufactures the engine for this strimmer?
What is the duty cycle?
Is this lawnmower self propelled or push?
What is the duty cycle?
Will it work with a One + 1.3Ah battery?
Can this be used for spray painting a shed?
How much will it cost to ship to Germany?
What pressure should it reach before shutting off?
Where are your cabinets and tool boxes made?
Is this impact wrench compatible with a 50L, 15 CFM 8 bar compressor?
Does this jack comes with a carry case/box?
How are these different from the “heavy duty” blue wheel skates?
Do any of the larger drawers have 2 sliders?
What line size does the 52cc Backpack petrol trimmer use?
Which direction should the air flow through?
What is the make of this engine?
Which models of mont blanc roof boxes would this fit?
What degreaser fluid do you recommend with this product?
Can the cutting head be titled?
What is the maximum weight for each drawer?
What is the return policy if they don't fit?
Can it work off mains water?
Can this machine run bench saws and big power tools?
Will this power a 1400w Hoover?
Could these wheel dollies move a double wheelbase caravan sideways?
Does this generator have AVR - Auto Voltage Regulation?
Could you recommend a certain sand/shot to use in it?
What is the country of manufacture?
How long is the exhaust pipe?
Can this be used with the SGS 26cc strimmer?
Does this come in any other colours?
What is the dB rating of this compressor?
Can the locking tube be added to an existing gas strut?
What does the warranty cover?
What are the drawer measurements?
Will this compressor run a spray gun requiring 9.7 cfm air flow properly or is there a better alternative compressor for DIY?
Will this run a washing machine?
The top cabinets are wall mounted, does this mean the steel backing in the picture does not come with the box?
How do I change the angle of the blade?
What is the extended length of this please?
How deep are the drawers ?
Are there two in a pack or do I have to order two?
Does the pack contain 1 or 2 struts?
Do you deliver to the Republic of Ireland?
Is this mower able to mulch?
Does this kit comes with oil?
Does it come with tools such as wrenches ect?