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UK made tailgate gas struts with a 2 year warranty

Help & FAQ

Searching By OEM Part Number

Please find the part number printed on the cylinder (the fatter part) of your old gas strut, located near the end of the cylinder. This is usually blue text on black paint so can be hard to read.

Most struts have two part numbers, a force rating and a batch code printed on them.

There are often multiple possible part numbers listed but you only need to match one number.

What should I avoid doing?

  • Chipping, scratching, denting, painting and bending the rod.
  • Do not lubricate or grease the piston rod or seals.
  • Avoid undoing the end fitting to give the strut extra length or to align the end fittings. The piston of the gas strut can rotate inside the body – connect the piston end fitting first then grip the cylinder and firmly twist it until the end fitting is aligned correctly. See our fitting guide for more information.
  • A gas strut contains gas under pressure and should not be opened, burnt or incinerated.

What should I try and do?

  • If struts work as a pair, replace them as a pair; force variation between the struts will cause side loading and premature failure. Struts replaced as a pair are covered by our 2 year warranty.
  • Store and install gas struts with the rod facing down as this ensures that the piston seal is kept lubricated.